Vol 12, No 4 (2015)


Formation of professionaly significant qualities of students by means of foreign language

Ageyenko N.V., Fedorova T.A.


The article deals with the problem of training qualified specialists in the process of learning foreign languages. It is noted, in the present conditions of development of society it is necessary to develop spiritually rich personality possessing creativity,high professional culture, morality.The study of linguistic personality and especially his verbal behavior in a foreign language with the complex of methods of different sciences is the up-to-date task of scientific knowledge. the concept of a three-tier structure of linguistic personality, it is defined as the correlation between the three types of communication needs as well as the three sides of the communication process- communicative, interactive and perceptive, reflecting the nature of activities of a journalist and is closely related to its functions. The article suggests the algorithmformation of professionally significant qualities of students in different activities.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):6-13
pages 6-13 views

information-didactic basis for the formation of common cultural competences of bachelors of technique and technologies by facilities of foreign language

Vlasova I.V., Banartseva A.V.


The article discusses a set of cultural competencies that should be possessed by graduates of the technical University, as well as requirements to the levels of their development. It also presents information-didactic basis for the formation of common cultural competences in the process of teaching students a foreign language, the structure of which contains: a basic textbook for students of engineering and technology in foreign language, package interdisciplinary educational complexes, scientific and popular scientific journals, Internet resources in this subject area. The article gives a short description of a basic textbook, intended for the professional education of English for students of speciality 020201 "Fundamental and applied chemistry", a profile of preparation is "Pharmaceutical chemistry" of the chemical-technological faculty.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):13-20
pages 13-20 views

The issue of quality of higher education in Russia

Gnutova A.A., Nechitaylo S.A.


In conditions of growing competition in the education market success can only count universities providing education of the highest quality. The modern world is radically changing consumer attitudes to higher education, forcing the change and the very system of higher education. The quality of educational services becomes a guarantee of the attractiveness of the university and the credibility of the consumers.This article discusses some aspects of the basic problems of higher education in Russia. Attention is paid to the problems of the quality of education, the small percentage of employment of professors and teaching staff of higher education in science, theproblem of a large number of universities in the number of population, the issue of remuneration of teachers and others.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):20-29
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Social interest of A.Adler and children somatic health

Gudzovskaya A.A., Sanin A.A.


The paper raises the problems of the interrelation of an illness and psychological features of the person. Social interest is considered as the psychological factor contributing to conserve physical health. Social interest - the concept entered by A.Adler for designation of feeling of participation, an inclusiveness in a community, experience of responsibility and care of it. A.Adler consider social interest as an innate concept that develops only with the relevant conditions of education. Results of empirical research of social interest 10-12 - summer healthy children and children sick with tuberculosis are discussed.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):30-41
pages 30-41 views

Problem of psychological and psycholinguistic model validity

Dobrova V.V.


In the paper the problem of validity of psychological and psycholinguistic models is discussed. The ontological and operational approaches to the validity of models are analyzed, representatives of which propose various criteria to the model validity. The requirements to the psychological and psycholinguistic models are given. The examples of psychological and psycholinguistic models are analyzed in order to verify their validity. Psychological modeling does not mean the exact correspondence of the model and its original. It combines the criteria of different approaches.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):42-52
pages 42-52 views

Structural and functional model of project skills development of students in the corporate educational cooperation

Yelizarova E.A., Dobrova V.V.


In the paper the project activity is studied that is developed in the process of corporate educational cooperation. The structural and functional model of the project skills development of students in the corporate educational cooperation is suggested on the basis of the research carried by the Department of Foreign Languages of SSTU. Such notions as model, process, development, are analyzed and discussed as well as the methodological bases, laws and conditions of project activity realization. On the basis of the chosen criteria of formed project skills the indicators of the level of the project skills development are defined and the characteristics of the main steps of the project activity are given.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):52-64
pages 52-64 views

Applied cognitive psychology

Kistanova O.A.


The article deals with the characteristic features of cognitive psychology and its relation to linguistics. Cognitive psychology is a science which studies the perception of reality by a human being, and it has been developed during last few decades. Nowadays the information worked out by specialists in cognitive psychology is successfully used in linguistic studies of units of language. The perception of the real world by individuals is embodied in these units, and therefore a linguistic worldview is created.The units of language which are used to name human emotions are analysed from a psycho-cognitive perspective using the methods of cognitive psychology. While examining typical situations which provoke different emotions, we study their cognitive characteristics. As a result, a cross-disciplinary connection between cognitive psychology and linguistics is traced.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):64-69
pages 64-69 views

Psycholinguistic and psychological features of ekphrasis

Krutskaya S.V., Nurtdinova L.R.


The paper deals with the psycholinguistic and psychological features of reader’s artistic images in O. Wilde’s novel “The Portrait of Dorian Grey”. The process of reading and images perception is analyzed in the perspective of co-creation. This process is analyzed on the example of the use of stylistic device ekphrasis. The definition of ekphrasis formulated by the authors and the brief historical path of its development in literature are given in the paper. On the basis of the use of this stylistic device the authors of this paper oppose the ethic and the esthetic plans of perception of poetic images in the novel O. Wilde "The Picture of Dorian Gray". It is shown how the usage of ekphrasis manages to form a moral position of the reader.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):69-75
pages 69-75 views

Analytical skills of computer security students in the structure of analytical thinking readiness

Menshenina S.G.


The article deals with structure of computer security students analytical thinking readiness based on analytical skills. The aim of professional education - analytical thinking readiness - could be achieved if analytical skills based on analytical operations (analysis, synthesis, classification, etc.) are gradually and purposefully developed in course of educational process. The structure of analytical thinking readiness includes interrelated components (cognitive, information-analytical, technological, reflective), which have been selected according to methodological principle of identification. Research results confirm that developed analytical skills of computer security students represent their analytical thinking readiness.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):75-81
pages 75-81 views

Textbook in the context of modern educational technology

Pryadilnikova N.V., Deptsova T.Y., Nechitailo A.A.


The authors attempted to reveal the priorities of content, structure and creation of a conceptual model of the textbook of the new generation. Basing on the existing approaches the authors offer their vision of a textbook, presenting in a dialogue and interactive way the knowledge level of academic disciplines and interdisciplinary connections.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):81-90
pages 81-90 views

Features of perfectionism and narcissism correlation

Pushkina A.V.


This article describes the correlation between normal and pathological perfectionism with different types of narcissism. Researchers of these phenomena found a lot of related features of these phenomena, however, conducted studies of perfectionism and narcissism shows contradiction: in one study was a direct correlation between these phenomena, other studies have not received the link between perfectionism and narcissism. We have found that the pathological perfectionism is more familiar with the destructive narcissism, less to the deficit. Therefore, pathological perfectionism is more linked with the distortion of the relationship to itself, rather than lack of ability to form coherent and self-to generate a different view of themselves. The higher in the structure of the individual normal perfectionism, the more positive the individual presents himself, is able to rely on your positive experience. On the basis of the relationship it has been suggested on the period and the reason for the formation of pathological perfectionism: the period of formation of pathological perfectionism matches preedipal period, formed as a result of violation of a symbiotic relationship.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):91-97
pages 91-97 views

The use of authentic video materials in language teaching

Revina E.V.


The article deals with using of authentic materials in the classroom which are necessitated by modern society. First, the article provides a brief overview of how authenticity is defined by other authors. Authenticity of materials as a tool for raising cultural awareness is discussed. Authentic materials give students the possibility to come in contact with real language and content rather than form and they feel that they are learning the target language as it is used outside the classroom. It makes possible to combine educational situation with real communications. The author points out the motivation of learners. Then it goes on to inform important factors in choosing authentic video material. The problem of rational use of authentic video is discussed. This paper aims at looking into the ways in which teachers of foreign languages can incorporate authentic video materials in their lessons. The methods of using authentic films are presented. The problem of rational use of authentic video is given in the program design for the use of authentic video on the lessons for German language.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):98-103
pages 98-103 views

The creative thinking development of the technical university student

Ryndak V.G., Moskvina A.V., Labzina P.G.


The necessity of future engineers’ working with professional literature in foreign languages is mentioned in the article. The process mentioned above is performed by special pedagogical means and technologies. The solving of the problem of developing student’s discursive-creative abilities specifies an important role of cognitive tasks in the process of dealing with scientific discourse encouraging making up of personality which is ready for the future professional activity. The theoretical analysis lets us assume that such tasks are aimed at perception, understanding and creating students’ own discourse as the processes mentioned above require such mental operations as analysis, synthesis, comparison, generalization, specification, abstracting in the process of information decoding, deverbalization and explication that result in thinking flexibility, breadth, fluency and originality and lead to its creativity. The theoretical basis lets us use the humanitarian techniques contributing to the creative-thinking development. The program of the creative-thinking development is also presented in the article.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):104-112
pages 104-112 views

The psychological aspects of perinatal safety

Savitskaya E.M.


Recent years are marked by psychologists’, psychotherapists’, obstetricians’, gynecologists’ and pediatricians’ growing interest to practical applications of perinatal psychologists’ theoretical achievements. But so far most patients who need perinatal psychotherapy have been unaware of the opportunities to get it. Preparation for pregnancy and childbirth now chiefly consists in expectant parents’ health care and improvement of families’ material living conditions. There are, however, plenty of psychological factors that may tell on the child’s perinatal development and affect the child’s health. These are primarily the woman’s psychological readiness for her forthcoming pregnancy, motives for having a child, the gestational dominant, the pregnant woman’s psycho-emotional state, perinatal communication and interaction with the child. The child’s safe perinatal development requires expectant parents’ more active co-operation with all the specialists involved in the process.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):112-118
pages 112-118 views

Teaching psycholinguistics as a method of professional competence development of medical psychologists

Sloeva E.A., Pryadilnikova N.V., Boklin A.A.


The paper is devoted to the aspects of teaching of psycholinguistics as a discipline that promotes the development of professional competences of the students of medical university. The structure of the course, its content and thematic content is described. The samples of different-level tasks for students are suggested. The tasks are based on the study conducted at the Department of Psychiatry, Addiction, Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology in cooperation with the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Psycholinguistics of SSMU and the Department of Publishing of SSAU.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):118-125
pages 118-125 views

Integrative approach in teaching primary school pupils a foreign language

Startseva N.V.


This article highlights means of increasing efficiency of teaching primary school pupils a foreign language. In our opinion, one of such means is integrative approach. Integrative approach in teaching is a specific form for providing comprehensiveness, knowledge integrity, a mean of formation of systemic thinking and scientific worldview. Means of implying integrative approach in modern training materials used in primary school classes are analyzed in the article. School subjects that can be integrated with foreign language are discovered. Integrative oriented tasks application at foreign language classes makes the process of learning and teaching not only more effective but it increases pupils’ motivation to learning in general.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):126-136
pages 126-136 views

ESL students english business skills development (based on the authentic movies «The Devil Wears Prada» and «Promised Land»)

Sukhanova I.Y.


The article focuses on the possibility and necessity for the ESL teachers to develop ESL students business communicative skills during their classes. The author introduces requirements necessary for improving effective ESL students activity, shares some experience of using original movies and textbooks as a means of ESL students work and presents various types of tasks for studentsAccording to the state educational standards of higher education a modern specialist should do self-study, using modern educational and information technologies, understand the diversity of social, cultural, ethnic, religious valuesand differences, knowways and means of cultural communication.The main goal of our study is to create the complex of exercises in order not only to keep up students motivation to the following subject but also to develop their communicative skills and business communicative skills. Achieving this we can accomplish a number of pedagogical tasks. The conclusions are proved by numerous examples. The complex of exercises done before, while and after watching is presented. The authors analyze the combination of video sequence and audio sequence and their sociocultural contents.We would like to emphasize that using original movies is very important for this purpose. It is also necessary to create course-books based on business vocabulary andcross-cultural material. The article makes a conclusion that proper authentic moviesintroduce peculiarities of business English and etiquette to the students, keep up their motivation and improve their communication skills.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):137-150
pages 137-150 views

Business correspondence in foreign language business course at technical university

Fedorova T.A.


This article deals with the problem of students’ communicative competence development based on foreign language business course. The paper focuses on active teaching models based on business correspondence, and contains the practical aspect.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):150-154
pages 150-154 views

Professional ethical orientation of a student as future expert

Shishkina O.U., Gorshkova L.A.


Vocational education affects the formation of the different abilities of students. Formation of students' moral orientation is carried out in the teacher’s work, which is presented as objectively existing part of the process. The period of study at the university is significant, because the process of personality formation in professional activities takes place at this stage.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):155-166
pages 155-166 views

Organization of club sports and improving and sports work on the place of study, residence

Shinkarenko O.V., Logunov D.V.


The article specifies the students’ skills of having a healthy and sport way of life, the ability of this activity organization that will provide them with the conditions for keeping fit. That is important for conducting their educational activity that meets the requirements of federal state educational standards for students. The formation of the bases of the health improving methods has become actual. The following problems are revealed in the article: an insufficient quantity of sports facilities, the poor organization of work on a place of study, the lack of the coordinated work of turning the youth to the physical culture and sport. There is a problem of preparation for standards of the GTO complex. The system of measures for the solution of these problems is suggested: to increase the quantity of youth going in for mass physical culture and sport; to carry out preparation of youth for standards of the GTO complex at a higher and qualitative level.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2015;12(4):166-172
pages 166-172 views

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