Vol 14, No 2 (2017)


Innovative technologies in the educational process: trends, prospects of development

Ageenko N.V., Dorofeeva D.D.


To increase the effectiveness of the learning process the necessity to introduce innovative educational technologies is being actualized. Solving this problem contributes to the creation of a virtual educational environment. In order to prove the relevance of using this method, the application of VR models as a new direction in the industry of modern technologies is considered and statistical data of various foreign and Russian consulting companies are provided. The analysis of the development of Russian VR technologies market in three segments: high-level, middle-level, low-level is given, which leads to the conclusion about the dynamics and prospects of its development. Advantages of using this information technology, contributing to a full immersion in the professional environment, are emphasized. The authors come to the conclusion about the advisability of using virtual reality technologies in the educational process.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2017;14(2):6-15
pages 6-15 views

Some problems concerning conceptualization of the world by means of natural language

Zhuravlyov A.P.


The article deals with some problems concerning conceptualization of the world by means of natural language. The article analyzes the role of conceptualization in the process of experiencing and describing the world, as well as the way the individual cognitive features of a person influence the conceptualization of objects and how these concepts are represented by means of natural language. These problems are partially caused by unclear definition of concept given in scientific works of various researchers; furthermore, different branches of cognitive sciences connected with cognitive linguistics provide different meanings of the term “concept”. Other reason is linguocultural features of people speaking different languages.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2017;14(2):16-24
pages 16-24 views

To the question of optimization of professional foreign language teaching in a technical university

Zyabochkina A.P., Labzina P.G.


The article assesses the importance of foreign language learning in the era of globalization. The modern specialist must be proficient in several languages, to apply a global innovation and keep up with progress. Also the existing traditional teaching of foreign languages is considered and its shortcomings are identified. Analysis of the present situation in high school shows the necessity of creating and using the special environment as the most effective means for learning other languages. The properties and possibilities of virtual reality application as an efficient means of teaching foreign languages for specific purposes in an educational environment are dealt with. The advantages of applying virtual reality in the sphere of linguistic education are analyzed.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2017;14(2):25-33
pages 25-33 views

Using modern technologies of personal development to improve stress resistance, prevent professional burnout and to develop creativity of a university professor

Kalinina L.V.


Modern reality constantly makes stressful situations. To survive and live a happy life, a person has to obtain stress coping skills. This article introduces you to some personal development techniques used in modern psychology to improve stress resistance, to help to understand yourself better and lead to personal development. Scholastic professions, as well as those of doctors, police officers, military services, etc., are all at risk of professional burnout because of great amount of high-stressed situations.A short survey of the works of highly qualified specialists in cognitive psychology, NLP and neurotransforming made in this work can be of help to cope with personal and professional crises not only by teachers, but also by people of other professions.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2017;14(2):34-44
pages 34-44 views

Indications and criteria for evaluation of competence maturity of bachelors in the specialty 51.03.02 “folk artistic culture” (in the context of federal state educational standards (fses) 3+)

Karnikova O.P.


Renewal of professional education system sets new requirements for evaluation of the educational outcome. Due to introduction of the new educational standards projects, there is a need to analyze changes brought by these projects. This article covers review of the educational standards for professional education of bachelors in the specialty 53.03.02 “Folk Artistic Culture”. The primary goal of this article is to review changes made in the FSES 3+ educational process. This paper discloses indications and criteria for evaluation of maturity of general professional and professional competencies to perform certification of the course “Theory and methods of ethno-cultural education”. The material presented in this article may help teachers in updating of educational programs in the context of next- generation standards implementation.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2017;14(2):45-55
pages 45-55 views

Quality check of pedagogical dough on the higher mathematics on a subject "theory of function of a complex variable"

Limanova L.V.


This work is devoted to research of quality of pedagogical dough on the subject "Theory of Function of a Complex Variable" in a higher mathematics course which is used for students examination on the second year of SSTU. The degree of difficulty of each task, a variation of test tasks and one of the main characteristics of dough - reliability were estimated for this purpose. A formula KR-20 (on a variation of test tasks); Spirmena-Brown's formula and a formula which uses average coefficient of correlation of all tasks among themselves were applied to calculation of coefficient of reliability. Results of researches showed that for improvement of quality of dough it is necessary to increase number of tasks according to a frequency rate formula, or to change some tasks.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2017;14(2):56-65
pages 56-65 views

Analysis and assessment of the validity dough "theory of functions of the complex variable"

Muratova L.A.


In article the analysis of quality of the "Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable" test is carried out. The dough validity in normal way to distribution, according to the contents, on the distinguishing ability is estimated. The look and proportions of a curve of distribution of the gained points testifies in favor of normal distribution. The test rather fully and deeply reflects the studied material that allows to draw a conclusion on its substantial validity. For quality check of dough on the distinguishing ability two numerical characteristics for each task are found: dot biserial coefficient and coefficient of a diskriminativnost’. The subsequent analysis showed that only two tasks don't satisfy to one of goodness conditions. Thus average value of that different authors offer was considered as a critical point. Having analyzed the maintenance of tasks, it is offered to process one of them, and to keep another.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2017;14(2):66-73
pages 66-73 views

The use of virtual reality technologies in the process of teaching a foreign language with the game method

Nurtdinova L.R., Bogachev I.A.


This paper addresses the issue of the appropriateness of using a game method of teaching foreign languages with the help of virtual reality. The means of virtual reality are increasingly being introduced into various spheres of our life, including the educational environment. In that context the authors of this paper explain what virtual reality is, and how its technologies allow optimizing all fields of human activity, including teaching foreign languages. The main possibilities of virtual reality in the educational process are listed in the paper. The analysis of the game method of teaching is also given with all its main points. At the end of the paper the authors come to the conclusion that the various means of virtual reality are an excellent addition to the game method of teaching. They give a chance to the student to immerse himself into the language environment, practice effectively and learn new material as quick as possible.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2017;14(2):74-81
pages 74-81 views

To the question of academic activity of students at the self-studying of the sections of the course of higher mathematics

Pavlova I.N.


In the age of developed information technologies and taking into account the requirements of Federal State Educational Standards, the development and implementation of electronic methodological complexes is particularly relevant. In order to improve the effectiveness of out-of-class independent work of students in preparing for classes and various kinds of control (exam, test, intermediate control tests, etc.), the section "learners" was created on the website of the department of VM and PI. The article reviews and analyzes the statistical analysis of the attendance of the site VM and PI as a result of activation of independent work of students.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2017;14(2):82-88
pages 82-88 views

The use of mnemonics in foreign language teaching

Revina E.V.


The article deals with searching of efficient way to memorize a lot of new information, that is necessary to modern society. Cultural and economic necessity to learn foreign languages quickly and efficiently is emphasized. The idea of suitable use of new memorization technique is based on. It makes it possible to remember a lot of new information. The author points out the intense motivation of learners. The author stresses involuntary memorizing which is based on expressive means of language and on emotional upheaval during studies. Searching of intensification methods and educational facilities is the purpose of this article. One way to deal successfully with this problem is using of specific mnemonic techniques. The author states that learning of teaching material depends on personal characteristics (memory type, temperament, intelligence, life experience). In this connection the author proposes some techniques to work with memory aids depended on memory aids according to memory type and type of thinking. The author used mnemonic techniques. The effectiveness of using these techniques was studied by the author. It is concluded that implementation of the used mnemonic techniques is efficient if different types of memory (auditory and visual, auditory, visual and motor) are combined. The problem of rational use of mnemonic techniques is presented in the program design for the use at the lessons of the German language.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2017;14(2):89-95
pages 89-95 views

Professionally oriented approach to the study of the section "integral calculus" in the training of specialists of the economic profile

Spiridonova N.V.


Mathematics is the foundation of technical education and in the practical work of any specialist is supposed to solve professional problems. Therefore, mathematical training in a technical university is to the form the mathematical competence of students in accordance with their qualification with the help of professionally-oriented examples. The article considers and establishes the practical use of the section of mathematical analysis "Integral calculus" in solving economic problems.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2017;14(2):96-103
pages 96-103 views

Development scholastic-methodical complex for independent work student

Shimarov A.I.


The article is dedicated to activations of the independent work future specialist. The organization of the work student is Considered on the base specialized scholastic-methodical complex with standpoint of increasing to efficiency of the educational process.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. 2017;14(2):104-110
pages 104-110 views

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