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In the article the questions of training highly skilled professionals of the music sphere with the use of modern information technologies, the use of which contributes to the quality of training the subjects of musical activity and the formation of their professional knowledge, skills and competencies are revealed. Attention is paid to training of musicians in the field of professional music education. The authors consider information technology to be an important component of the modern musical culture of the performing musician and highlight the features of professional education of musicians. In the article the importance of being able to use various information resources is stressed: software, electronic textbooks, synthesizer, which greatly enhances the music-education process. The authors characterize information technology tools that enable the performing musician to simulate the creative process and to carry out musical activities in special computer music programs.

About the authors

Vera A. Kurina

Samara State Institute Of Culture

(Doctor of Pedagogy), Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Studies and socio-cultural technologies, Professor. 167, Frunze str., Samara, 443010

Svetlana S. Lukasheva

Samara State Institute Of Culture

applicant for Dept. Psychology and Pedagogy. 167, Frunze str., Samara, 443010


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Copyright (c) 2014 Kurina V.A., Lukasheva S.S.

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