Victoria V. Dobrova, Candidate of Psychology (2008), Associate Professor (2010)

Research themes: Communication psychology, psycholinguistics, psychosemantics, psycholinguistic mechanisms of foreign language acquisition, academic writing, applied psychology, semiology.

Victoria V. Dobrova is the author of more than 150 scientific papers, 9 monographs, 25 text-books. Victoria V. Dobrova has sufficient experience as an educator and university administrator, participates in research projects funding by the University and by the Russian science funds in the field of psychology, linguistics and pedagogies. V.V. Dobrova is the scientific supervisor of the scientific and methodical school: «Psychological and pedagogical mechanisms of foreign language acquisition in the sphere of professional communication», the founder and the scientific supervisor of the scientific group in the field of psycholinguistic mechanisms of foreign language acquisition, the scientific supervisor of the pedagogic semiology direction at the University. V.V. Dobrova is the professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Russian Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages of Non-linguistic Universities,  Russian Communication Association, Athens Institute for Education and Research (Greece), National Association of English language teachers, National League of Educators. She is also the chief editor of the scientific journal  “Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Series: Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences”, member of the Editorial Board of scientific journal “Voyager: world and man. Technopolis of the Volga Region”, Athens Journal of Philology. She is the Honorary Worker of the Higher Education of Russia.



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