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The article discusses the importance of the values of stress in modern life. They affect human behavior, education, work, health, relationships with others. This particularly applies to the student's environment. It appears a lot of scientific literature is devoted to the study of this question, but many aspects of the issues are still not fully understood. The modern stage of development of the theory and practice of psychology is characterized by a greater attention to the in-depth study of the influence of stress on the development of personality that has important scientific value. Stresses in modern life are important. They affect human behavior, work, health, relationships with others. This makes it necessary to study not only the mechanism of stress and its effects on humans, but also the study of the problem of stress resistance of a personality and effective behavior in situations of stress. The article also says that the survey obtained additional data: students with a low threshold and the degree of resistance to stress and students with a high degree of resistance to stress differ between themselves on anxiety and coping behavior. To overcome stress, it is necessary to be methodical and well-organized. In the article it is assumed that the psychological condition of students of the first year is determined by the process of adaptation to a new institution, the adaptation to the new methods of teaching, and students of the last year - by the forthcoming completion of the training, passing State qualification examinations, the change of the social environment of the status.

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Natalya L. Klyachkina

Samara State Technical University

244, Molodogvardeiskaya str., Samara, 443100


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