№ 4(44) (2019): Вестник Самарского государственного технического университета. Серия "Психолого-педагогические науки"

Управление проектами: процессный подход

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Екатерина Павловна Седых
Нижегородский государственный педагогический университет имени Козьмы Минина
Опубликован Январь 15, 2020
Ключевые слова
  • проектное управление, процессный подход, управление образовательной системой.
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Седых Е. П. Управление проектами: процессный подход // Вестник Самарского государственного технического университета. Серия: Психолого-педагогические науки. 2020. Т. № 4(44). С. 181-192.


Introduction: the problem of the effectiveness of the use of different approaches in the management of an educational organization is relevant and significant. Currently, there is a necessity to improve management processes and to formation of a more flexible and mobile management system that works on the result and allows to assess the effectiveness of activities at any point in the process. Project management has proven to be effective under conditions of limited funding and the necessity for "quick results". At the same time, we can observe certain conflicts of management actions that occur as a result of imposing a matrix structure of project management on the functional structure of a traditional educational organization. In this case, the process approach allows combining the advantages of project activities with the regulated implementation of traditional University processes.

Materials and Methods: the article reveals the logic of the process approach, its main advantages and disadvantages, requirements and principles of implementation of the process approach in an educational organization. This article describes the practice of applying the process approach in the management of projects of Minin University: it’s characterize the management processes of a project activity through the project office system, and the logic of a managing the chain of processes of individual projects.

Results: the author describes the logic of the process approach to project management, characterizes the strengths and weaknesses of process management, analyzes the combination of this approach with project management, describes the practice of applying the process approach to project management at Minin University, lists the effects of the introduction of the process approach in management.

Discussion and Conclusions:the final part of the article discusses the possibility of further improvement of the project management system through the use of the process approach, the arguments about the necessity to use process management in combination with other management approaches, reveals the potential for improving the quality of project activities through the use of process management tools and principles of quality management of the organization, based on the process approach.


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